Foreign Trade

Internationalization is today a necessity for many companies. Globalization of markets has allowed, on one side, to consumers to choose between a wide range of products, and on the other side, to companies to be able to access a growing number of consumers.

International management of a company is a broad and complex activity that requires to integrate knowledge of a different kind. Therefore we offer a range of services with the main objective to facilitate and help you on your abroad adventure.

In-company learning

On-line Marketing

The company's ability to communicate their products and services in the international and national markets has been traditionally, fairs, prospecting travels, press, television or radio advertising... In recent years the picture is changing due to the fast internet popularization and the increasing use of it for business. Internet brings new instruments of commercial communication, very especially the market places (e-commerce), the social network and the web. These instruments represent a reduction of costs and a first approximation to domestic and external markets without expensive travel or investments.

We are committed to you, so here you could find a range of services that will improve your sales and make more efficient the communication with your clients.

  • Community Management & Social Media Management

We are experts in international community management and in international social media management. We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary team which gives us knowledge in various areas and the capacity of adaptation to markets. We know what your customers want and we know how give it to them.

But ... What makes us different from others? Mainly we are experts in the EVEN MORE DIFFICULT! We manage multiple social medias in multiple languages, and ... What does this mean? We answer with another question Do you know which one social network with more users in Russia? Facebook? Twitter? No, it is V Kontakte.

Do not hesitate, if you would have a surplus in management of social media, this is your place and you always will be welcome.

But remember:

strategies in social network communication are a medium-long term job.

Even if you have your personal profiles on social networks, personal management has nothing to do with professional profiles.

Have company profiles on social networks will not mean a sudden sales increase, miracles do not exist. Social networks improve your visibility, expand your market and provide access to more business opportunities.

Global Social Packs

Community Management & Social Media Management “à la carte”


Consulting, drafting of communication strategies in social networks (Social Media Plan), profiles creation and daily communication management (creation of campaigns, design customer support, sector and business information, market test, public opinion researches, own developments… ).

You can make your own recipe!

Opening of profiles in social networks (does not include management)            Profile management Languages


Developments and management

  Tabs on Facebook fan page                                                         Marketing campaigns on social media


                                                                 Daily management of your profiles



  Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports                                          Social Media Plan

  • Market places

Creation of your own virtual store, maintenance, management and adaptation to the international standards.

Studies of feasibility and adaptation to digital market, opening and managing profiles in market places.

  • International social web

Web adaptation to local/international practices and customs.

Consulting, development, design and maintenance of international 2.0 webs.

Translation and adaptation of web content.